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Reed Diffuser Supplies

Reed diffusers offer a clean and stylish way to add fragrance to a room. They offer a contemporary, natural look with a glass bottle accentuated by radiating wooden reeds. The reeds act like wicks, pulling fragrance up from the oil and freshening the air for many months. You can create your custom reed diffusers with our selection of reed diffuser supplies.

Instructions: We recommend pouring 6 fluid oz of our Diffuser Base into a Diffuser Bottle.
Add 1 fluid oz of fragrance oil to bottle. Dip bundle of Diffuser Reeds (10 reeds) into bottle, pull out and reverse, exposing dipped end of reeds to air.

Tips: You can occasionally reverse reeds in the bottle to refresh. Never add more fragrance oil to bottle, as it will shut down the wicking ability of reeds. You can reuse the diffuser bottle when the fragrance is spent; just wash the bottle thoroughly and dry. Add fresh diffuser base, fragrance oil and reeds (following instructions above).

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