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Bulk Wholesale Herbs & Spices


Nothing builds expertise more than time. Over the years, we’ve become one of the leading distributors of herbs and spices, developing strong supplier relationships and a deep understanding of crop cycles. We’ve also optimized our inventory and shipping systems, allowing us to provide the best service, quality products, and lowest prices.

We both import and buy domestically, providing wholesale spices, botanicals, pure essential oils, and teas. While our primary focus is always quality, we make sure to source from multiple vendors to keep our prices low. At San Francisco Herb Company you can shop the best value in the industry and buy our herbs, spices, and other products in-store or online.


07/19/24 -- Possible UPS Delays from Global Tech Outage: 


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Damiana Leaf, Cut - 40 Lbs ($4.95/lb)
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