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Catnip, Fine Cut - 35 Lb ($4.48/lb)

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ID# 611 Catnip Fine C/S (TBC) 35-lb

Botanical Name

Nepeta cataria

Usual Origin(s)


Pack Size

Net Wt. 34lb (15.4kg)


approx. 330 cups


The catnip plant is a perennial that resembles mint, and product is harvested, cut, dried, and sifted pieces of the catnip plant (leaf, buds, stem, and seeds). The principal constituent of catnip is nepetalactone, which is what makes cats respond to catnip. Not all cats, however, are attracted to, or enjoy, catnip. Catnip Fine Cut is intended for uses in tea bags, pellets, and situations where cut/sift is too large.


New crop is normally available late Fall each year.

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