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Crafting Botanicals

We have a wide selection of bulk crafting botanicals, perfect for a wide range of sweet-smelling endeavors. Fill your home with natural aromas by packing sachets with lavender buds or rose petals. Lavender buds are widely used for aromatherapy and can be utilized as potpourri, bath herbs, and dream pillows. Or infuse calendula petals, which are said to have healing properties, into bath and body products. The aromatic possibilities are endless with our selection of bulk dried flowers for potpourri and wholesale botanicals for crafts.

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Uva Ursi Leaves (Pinguica) - 1/2 Lb
Prod Id: 202
In Stock
Rose Petals, Red - 8oz  (May incur extra shipping)
Prod Id: 215
In Stock
Allspice Berries Whole, Mexican - 1 Lb
Prod Id: 26
In Stock
Buckwheat Hulls - 1/2 Lb (may incur extra shipping costs)
Prod Id: 55
In Stock
Lavender Flower Buds #1 Bulk - 15.4 Lbs
Prod Id: 407 *
In Stock
Lavender Flower Buds #2 Bulk - 15.4 Lbs
Prod Id: 408 *
In Stock