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Dehydrated Vegetables

As perfect additions to soups, stews, pizza toppings, and many other delicious meals, our selection of wholesale dried vegetables is perfect for those looking to add flavor and nutritional value to their recipes. 

These dehydrated vegetables in bulk have long shelf lives and maintain nutritional value all the while. They’re also lightweight and incredibly easy to store! Keep our dried spinach in tightly sealed mason jars and sprinkle it into smoothies for a delicious and healthy treat. Or, try our pre-blended dehydrated soup mixes as the basis for a tasty dinner. There’s always interesting recipes to be made with our bulk dehydrated vegetables!

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Bell Peppers Cut, Green - 1 Lb
Prod Id: 229
In Stock
Bell Peppers, Red Cut - 1 Lb
Prod Id: 072
In Stock
Leek Flakes (Green & White) - 8oz
Prod Id: 152
In Stock
Onion Chopped (California) - 1 Lb
Prod Id: 139
In Stock
Spinach Flakes - 8oz
Prod Id: 249
In Stock
Vegetable Soup Blend - 1 Lb
Prod Id: 269
In Stock