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Juniper Berries, Macedonia - 82b
Juniper Berries, Macedonia - 82b

Juniper Berries, Macedonia - 82b

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Product ID:626


ID# 626 Juniper Berries 82-lb

Botanical Name

Juniperus communis

Usual Origin(s)


Pack Size

Net Wt: 82lb (37.2 Kg)


approx. 410 cups


Blue juniper is the edible round berry of an evergreen shrub with a distinct, aromatic odor. Traditionally used in northern/central European and Scandinavian cuisine to give a sharp, clear flavor to meats. Juniper is also used to flavor gin and also for sauerkraut. In herbal medicine, juniper berries are most often used as a diuretic. Eastern European juniper has more of a straight piney-juniper flavor than Italian juniper.

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