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Mesquite Seasoning Blend - 1 Lb
Mesquite Seasoning Blend - 1 Lb

Mesquite Seasoning Blend - 1 Lb

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Product ID:350


ID# 350 Mesquite Seasoning 1-lb

Usual Origin(s)

Blended in the USA

Pack Size

Net Wt: 16oz (454g)


approx. 4 cups


Mesquite Seasoning is a southwest style spice blend. It is the closest seasoning we have that could be called a "Meat Rub". Add to ground beef for great tacos,rub into favorite meats for grilling or blend with breadcrumbs to coat porkchops,chicken cutlets for baking. Blend with mayonaise to make spicy spread for hearty sandwiches.


Garlic, onion, paprika, tomato powder, cumin, chili pepper, black pepper, mustard, sage, rosemary, smoke flavor, sugar, salt.

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