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Moringa Leaf, Cut - 1/2 Lb  <span style ='padding-right: 2em; float: right; font-size: small; color: #CC0000; font-weight:bold;'>*New*</span>
Moringa Leaf, Cut - 1/2 Lb *New*

Moringa Leaf, Cut - 1/2 Lb *New*

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Product ID:365


ID# 365 Moringa Leaf C/S 8oz

Botanical Name

Moringa oleifera

Usual Origin(s)


Pack Size

Net Wt: 8oz (227g)


approx. 4 cups


Moringa is a widely cultivated tree, as its seed pods and leaves are commonly used as vegetables. All parts of moringa have been used in traditional medicine, and current research has examined how it may affect blood lipid profiles. Also known as the Drumstick tree,  Horseradish tree, and Benzoil tree.

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