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Resources & FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have wholesale prices?

We are a re-pack wholesaler offering a full line of packaged spices, herbs, teas, and potpourri. All prices both on the website and print catalog are wholesale. We sell direct to both small businesses and consumers.

Do you drop-ship orders?

We do not offer any drop-ship services. All orders are shipped directly to customers and are sent with our name and contact information on boxes or packing slips in case there are any issues that arise during transit.

How long does it take to receive an order?

Most orders will be shipped the day after receipt of order, except for US Postal Service shipments, which depart every Wednesday and Friday (or the day prior if a holiday). Delivery times are based on UPS Ground or US Postal Service. UPS tracking information, including estimated delivery time can automatically be sent if an email address is provided.

Do you accept orders for less than $30.00?

We generally maintain a $30.00 minimum order. However, if necessary, we can waive this minimum, though a $7.50 small order fee will be charged along with shipping charges. If you are ordering an item that was out of stock on your last order the small order fee will be waived, though shipping charges will still apply.

What is your privacy policy?

We do not sell, rent, or distribute our customer information to anyone. All customer information is considered strictly confidential.

How much will I pay for shipping and handling?

We only charge customers exact shipping rates, except in cases where extra insurance is added to a box. This is why when placing an order, you will receive an estimated shipping cost. The exact shipping cost is not determined until your order is physically boxed and weighed. This prevents us from having to charge any markup on shipping fees.

Do I need a resale number to buy from you?

Only California customers that intend to resell products purchased from us need to provide resale information. California customers without resale numbers will be charged sales tax when applicable.

Are your products organic?

We are not certified as a warehouse to offer Certified Organic products. We are, however, registered to handle organic products. This means that we are able to sell Certified Organic products in their original case size. Also, much of what we offer is grown in the wild (wildcrafted) or cultivated without the use of commercial pesticides and fertilizers.

Do your products contain allergens?

The Code of Federal Regulations̢ۉ㢠listing of major known allergens includes peanuts, soybeans, milk, eggs, fish, crustacea, tree nuts, and wheat. All of our products containing any major allergens are explicitly labeled with the common or usual name of the allergen. While our manufacturing and packaging practices are designed to reduce or eliminate any cross-contact of products with known major food allergens, our products are packaged on machinery that packages tree nuts, soy products, and dairy products.

All of the information on this page is intended solely for informational/educational purposes.


Downloadable Resources

1. Checking Spice Freshness article (click to download)

2. Resale Permit Form (For California businesses only; click to download)

3. Printable Mail Order Form (click to download)

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