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Should I Buy Whole or Ground Spices?

Posted by on 3/15/2023
Should I Buy Whole or Ground Spices?
When working in a kitchen with flavors, a lot of choices come down to taste and personal preference. Spices are no different, as whole and ground spices both have their uses. When it’s time to prepare the ultimate dish, you want to make sure you understand which option to choose so that you are purchasing and using the correct spices to unlock the right flavors.

Are Whole Spices Better Than Ground Spices?

In many instances, whole spices are better to purchase than ground. There’s a couple practical reasons for this. One, you can grate or grind whole spices when you need them, extending their shelf life. This means they’re fresher for longer. The other reason is whole spices tend to be more fragrant and flavorful. 

If you’re someone who likes using cookbooks and following recipes, it’s good to keep in mind that nearly all recipes call for using whole spices. If you opt to use ground spices instead, you’ll have to adjust how much of a spice you’re using since the potency of the spice you use will be different.

Though whole spices are better than ground spices as a general rule, ground spices have their place. Mainly, they are extremely convenient, which can save you time in the kitchen. Also, some spice is better than no spice. The trick is to use ground spices while they’re still new, so that the product you are using is as fresh, aromatic, and flavorful as possible.

An example of when ground spices really shine is when it comes to making sauces or soups. Without adding a lot of bulk or a strange texture, ground spices tend to be easier to work with in these delicate situations. Whole spices, on the other hand, oftentimes need to be removed during cooking so that their texture does not negatively impact the dish.

Grinding and Roasting Whole Spices

Not sure what you need to grind your whole spices? Seeds can be ground using a mortar and pestle or even a coffee grinder. Using a blender or electric spice grinder are also popular options with whole spices. No matter which tools you use, make sure you have them set aside for grinding spices only. This means that if you’re a coffee drinker, you ought to have two coffee grinders because you don’t want to mix your java with spices.

If you like roasted spices, whole spices are better than ground because you can unleash a much more intense flavor and aroma that leads to a better cooking and eating experience. If you like making ethnic foods, many recipes benefit from using whole spices that were roasted.

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