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What’s the Deal with Himalayan Salt?

Posted by on 10/20/2022
What’s the Deal with Himalayan Salt?
Himalayan salt, a type of rock salt that comes from Pakistan, is popular to use as a food additive and for cooking; though it is sometimes used for bath salt, spa treatments, and other applications. Mined from a salt range near the Himalayas, Himalayan salt has a natural pink hue that makes it stand out from other salt you will find on a grocery store shelf. But beyond color, what makes it truly unique, and how does Himalayan salt compare versus using sea salt for cooking? Explore the benefits of Himalayan salt with this guide.

Himalayan Salt vs. Sea Salt for Cooking

Himalayan salt, a type of table salt that is mined and extracted from the earth, differs from sea salt, which is created from the evaporation of ocean or sea water. Himalayan salt is also different from other types of table salt, which typically come from organizations drilling into seabeds to pump out and refine sea water. Compared to standard table salt, sea salt is considered by many to be a more natural choice. However, Himalayan salt — available fine or coarse — is an outlier, due to how carefully mined and extracted it is by hand. Coarse and fine Himalayan salt are especially popular as a finishing salt.

Is Himalayan salt better for cooking than sea salt?

Himalayan salt, which is naturally pink due to its mineral content, is oftentimes a popular choice by chefs for gourmet cooking. Himalayan salt is sought-after, in part, because of how versatile it is for cooking. It performs especially well at high temperatures, making it a great choice for grilling or baking meat, poultry, and even vegetables. In terms of taste, Himalayan salt has a lighter, more delicate taste than most other salt types, making it a nice accessory that won’t overpower a dish. Another key benefit of using Himalayan salt versus sea salt for cooking is its color. Many people eat with their eyes, in addition to their mouth, and the Himalayan salt’s pink can add a burst of fun color used as a finishing salt on top of a variety of dishes. Between its versatility, color and flavor, it’s no wonder Himalayan salt has become such a popular option. 

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Is Himalayan salt healthy?

Salt is not healthy, per se, but if you ask, most food scientists would say consuming Himalayan salt is probably slightly better for you than sea salt. Like other kinds of salt, Himalayan salt is not inherently healthy, but it does contain large amounts of sodium, which can be crucial. Otherwise, Himalayan salt lacks calories, fat, protein, sugar, and carbohydrates. Now that you know what the deal with Himalayan salt is, you should know it is not suitable as a low-sodium alternative, nor is it a nutritional supplement. Whether you prefer Himalayan salt or sea salt, like all types of salt, you should use sparingly to avoid harmful health effects.

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