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Industries We Serve

The spice trade has a long and storied history — its staying power is a result of continued demand across a variety of industries. There is a wide range of uses for herbs and spices, so at SF Herb, we maintain a large and diverse supply to match all of our customers’ needs. Our customers range from individual buyers to large businesses that make large bulk orders. Whatever your background, see how we strive to serve your industry below, and learn how to use our herbs and spices to create a better product.


Our herbs and spices are used by brewers to add tasteful complexity to their offerings. Brewers have used these types of specialty ingredients for centuries, even predating the use of hops. Herbs and spices can transform the flavor profile of a beer, so experimenting with these ingredients often leads to new innovations among brewers.

SF Herb supplies brewers with reliably fresh herbs and spices so they can make unique batches on a regular basis. With some trial and error, you will perfect a spiced beer recipe you’ll want to share.

Products Breweries Love

Orange Peel
Cocoa (Cacao) Nibs
Vanilla Bean

Restaurants and Bakeries

Among all the industries that we serve, restaurants and bakeries may have the most opportunity for experimentation with herbs and spices in recipes. No matter what type of cuisine you serve, it often takes fresh herbs and spices to make your dishes memorable. We pride ourselves on being a reliable source for high-quality ingredients that lead to exceptional culinary creations. Whether you’re looking for one type of dried herb or a flavorful mix of spices, we have the ingredients you need to impress your customers.

Products Restaurants Love

Black Pepper


Along with breweries, craft distilleries seem to be popping up wherever you look. As the distilling landscape becomes more crowded, business owners are looking for new ways to create unique spirits. One of the most effective ways to add complexity to spirits is with herbs and spices. There are countless infusions that can bring your spirits to the next level, and experimentation often leads to new products options. Whether you’re producing gin, whiskey, liqueurs or another type of spirit, add your own unique twist with herbs and spices from SF Herb.

Products Distilleries Love

Juniper Berries
Lemon Peel
Angelica Root

Health & Beauty

While many people think of herbs and spices as food ingredients, these items also have characteristics that are ideal for health and cosmetic products. Whether you’re diffusing essential oils to relieve stress, applying turmeric to reduce inflammation or adding herbs that are good for the skin to a cream, our products can improve the way you look and live. SF Herb’s wide range of product offerings means that you can get everything you need for your health or beauty creation in one place.

Products Our Customers Love

Essential Oils
Green Tea
Rose Petals

Pets & Animal Care

Not all herbs and spices are safe for pets, but many are thought to provide benefits that can make the lives of our four-legged companions a little better. If you’re developing a food product for pets, a dash of herbs or spices could set it apart from other options on the market. They might not be able to say it, but animals are sure to appreciate your thoughtfully prepared creations.

Products our Pet & Animal Care Customers Love

Nettle Leaf
Mint Leaf


If you want to create kombucha that is sweet or spicy, herbs and spices can provide the kick of kombucha flavoring you’re looking for. During the secondary fermentation phase of kombucha production, experiment with different herbs and spices that can transform your beverage. If you’re only adding herbs, remember to add half a teaspoon of sugar per bottle to reactivate the probiotic bacteria. Play around with different mixtures and treat your tastebuds with something unique.

Products Kombucha Brewers Love

Orris Root
Ginger Root
Grapefruit Peel


There’s nothing quite like a cider on a crisp autumn day, especially one crafted with just the right amounts of herbs and spices. Whether you’re creating an apple pie-inspired cider or you’re just adding a hint of lemongrass, the right ingredients can make a huge difference in your finished product. As cider rises in popularity, the people who make it are sure to try different mixes of herbs and spices to make their beverage stand out.

Products Cideries Love

Chicory Root
Heather Flowers
Licorice Root